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60 Minute HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout – Fitness Blender Tabata HIIT, Abs and Obliques Workout

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  1. belli mu firand

  2. gorgoneyez studios

    2018?? been 3 weeks i've been following FitnessBlender..reached 25 mins today..

  3. also a question is it bad that i feel really dizzy after the first few workouts?i just sit down for a couple of minutes then continue

  4. day 1: I did 36 minutes
    day 2:I did the whole thing even tho i took multiple breaks and skiped side plank toe touch cus that shit hard af
    day 3:I skipped today my stomach and legs muscles really hurt i can barely walk,im gonna relax until tommow

  5. Samuel Khawlhring

    Who is she ? Got some good figures 😀

  6. Everytime he says 'start em up' a piece of my soul dies

  7. From tomorrow onwards I will start it….and of course mention my results after 1 week n than after 1month…let's see how much fat I will reduce…lol… hahahaha

  8. hsusjsmhakuwhkuan hOW

  9. Dang Khoa Nguyen Huynh

    I cant do side plank toe touch and cry in the process ;_;. Have to do hip raise as a substitue. But so glad the last group wasnt so challenging that i managed to finish this exercise

  10. workout is completed!!!! Thank you so much!!!

  11. "This workout is complete" the most beautiful words you'll hear in this video. Great routine!

  12. Wtffff i just end this workout !!!💪💪💪😍 i thought i will not make it 😂

  13. when he says "i know its burning just gotta keep pushing through" i honestly feel spritually connected with him like thank you

  14. i can't believe that i just finish dthis workout.. last week id barely do 15min …

  15. I just died

  16. Who else does some of the work out
    Takes half an hour break
    Then carries on
    Just me????? Ok

  17. I’ve basically memorized what he says , that’s how much I’ve done this

  18. Evelyne Dorsainvil

    i lost alot of wait now i way 22 pounds

  19. Paromita Goswami

    It is helping me in losing my weight

  20. i promise i never eat cake in my life, just to not do this exercises anymore.it is a killer

  21. Hemavalli Ragunathan

    Any weight loss pictures of those who have tried

  22. Oooooffff, I did it ! Ok whenever you wanted to give up do as I did: pause the video , breathe as long as you feel the need , and TELL YOUR MIND TO TELL YOUR BODY THAT YOU CAN DO IT. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  23. Absolutely barbaric!!! I completed this workout!

  24. how do I know if I am the low burning or high burning guy? I sweat so much often

  25. Jackiecan fitness

    who is doing this in 2018 like me!!

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