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$50 FOR A WEEK OF BULKING : Meal Prep on a Budget with Zac Perna

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  1. Yeah not exactly 50$ in total with half of your stuff already at home

  2. After starting The 2 Week Diet plan, I lost 3 pounds in the very first week! And it just kept coming off. By the end of the month, I had completely reversed a whole year of bad eating and laziness. I’m still losing weight weeks later


  3. “Traditional Italian family”

    He’s pale and Australian.
    Suuuuure. 😉 me too mate.

  4. He’s such a cutie bruh 😍😍😭😂😂😂

  5. ゆりかもめんおとこ

    nice video!

  6. nothing like a good clean bulk….add a extra egg here…another scoop of peanut butter there…you get the idea..

  7. Did he just dump that oil in the sink without detergent?

  8. For a white guy he seasons his food a ton that’s a good job

  9. JordanMandas Official

    Easiest way to add calories on the cheap – up the quantity of your carbs. You can eat 250g of pasta easy – 800+ calories for a dollar

  10. sodium will be the death of you

  11. Chicken doesn’t need washing if in sealed packaging and it’s actually bad to wash chicken or any raw meat in a kitchen environment because the water can splash off the meat onto other foods or surfaces which can spread bacteria’s in raw meat which isn’t handled correctly. It is also a bad thing to do as can contribute to cross contamination.

  12. Luis Carlos Tabian

    Heyy how do you calculate for the calories and protein of each food

  13. 50 bucks for a week. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kewpie-Roasted-Sesame-Dressing-260ml/dp/B01I3TYL9K the kewpie sauce is £24 uk pounds alone lol

  14. he used so much oil the US army just bust down his door

  15. Can I get 100,000 subscribe without posting a Video

    No one washes chicken all it does it spread all the bad parts of chicken every where

  16. Dude hahaha. Youre killing off a good amount of the Vitamins when u microwave vegs

  17. Is he from America cuz all that would be taxed lol would of been over lol but thats a lot of food great video tho 💪

  18. life with the kittys

    Ayeeee we love a cookin sister🤣💗

  19. Editing skills are fire bro

  20. You have a lotta disrespect for the food you eat…

  21. 4:52 beat her meat

  22. 4:52 beat her meat

  23. 4:52 beat her meat

  24. Best kitchen I've come across hands-down!

  25. Dope video. Nice house Bro .

  26. 12:26 really zac??

  27. After the first day of making this meal prep, do I just reheat the meals up again in the microwave?

  28. Tolis Karap. Plan B

    Zac thank you so much for the quality content. Time to get back on track babe!

  29. U look like miley cyrus twin bro

  30. 2kg potatoes for 7dollars. jesus fucking christ. thats sooooo expensive.

  31. Why is the peanut butter so runny, it is usually a soft solid

  32. Wash your bloody chicken mate

  33. Who on earth washes their chicken? You shouldnt wash meat because bacteria spreads faster because of moisture,you can also get very very sick.😬

  34. Hey Zac! Impressive. Who’s house is this?

  35. 50$ and you just made a family dinner party. Very impressive

  36. add a bit of oil, yea and just chuck a bit of oil in, then we just put some oil, ok so just heat up some oil, I like to put a bit of oil on it, so I just add a bit of oil, yea cunt just drizzle a bit of oil on em, slap a bit of oil on that shit.

  37. Would the girls gains be bigger than yours if they were to follow with these meals?😆😛

  38. Can I cook all this on 1 day and pack it up in containers then eat it through-out the week? so i don't gotta cook every day?

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