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5 Ways To Lose Weight Without Dieting

Discover 5 REAL ways to lose weight without “dieting.” If you’re looking for a way to achieve your weight loss goals fast with no diet, no working out at the gym, and no cardio exercises believe it or not it’s possible by living a healthy lifestyle. Many men and women all around the world and throughout history have maintained a healthy body fat without dieting.
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Everywhere you look it seems like the only solution for losing weight is by dieting. But most diet plans are restrictive boring and Incredibly difficult to sustain over time. Could there actually be another way other than tracking your calories and macros or avoiding carbs, or eating unsatisfying tasteless boring Bland Foods in amounts that never truly leave you feeling full and satisfied. Most other trainers in gym owners would say yes you absolutely need to hop on a structured diet plan to lose weight but I say no. And don’t just take my word for it use your own reasoning to see that dieting has only been around for less than 200 years and only became popular in the mid-1800s with one of the first well-known diet plans known as the Banting diet which was essentially one of the first low-carb diets. Since then the diet industry has exploded there are now hundreds if not thousands of different diet plans for you to choose from as well as billions of dollars in the dieting industry. however since the 1800s obesity has grown just as much as the diet industry has. What I’m saying is that before the concept of dieting even existed there were exponentially more people that were in shape maintaining a healthy weight their whole lives. In fact the rise in the diet industry almost matches the rise in obesity rates. This simple fact proves that dieting in it’s restrictive overstructured form is not necessary to maintain a healthy weight nor is it necessary to get to a healthy weight. Does this doesn’t mean that we can just ignore diet altogether? No, Because theres no denying that what you eat and how much you eat are probably the most important factors that contribute to how much you weigh and what your body composition is. Since your diet is one of the most important factors I’m not going to give you cheap little tricks that simply won’t work like using a body wrap drinking lemon water or eating your meals slower. Instead in today’s video I want to teach you how you can lose weight and have a proper diet.. without dieting. And you can be sure that these simple changes I’m about to share although they may not be as attractive as the idea of a magic pill, unlike magic pills they do actually work. The first way is one of the most powerful ways to maintain a healthy weight long-term and that’s by not focusing on dieting and instead focusing on nourishing. Diets usually call for you to take something away or to restrict. On the other hand eating to nourish your body involves taking steps to give and add to your diet. Restrictions lead to cravings for exactly what it is that you’re restricting. Having a proper diet without actually dieting involves eliminating all restrictions and instead of restricting you should be prioritizing. Ice cream should not be a high priority when trying to nourish the body, instead single ingredient natural sources of carbs proteins and fats should be your main priority. Foods that grow from the ground and come from the earth. Single ingredient foods are naturally filling, naturally high in volume while being low in calories, and they’re easier for your body to break down and use. This is why being overweight was very uncommon before processed food became available. This man made food which is now everywhere all around us is stripped of most of it’s nutrients and those nutrients are replaced with additives and flavor enhancers. Consistently eating this food degrades the natural balance between our appetite, our fullness, our hormones, and the amount of total calories we eat as well as how well our body can use the types of calories we eat. Do not restrict yourself from eating these tasty foods, but only allow yourself to eat these foods after you’ve satisfied your hunger with natural single ingredient foods. This means that every meal of yours should be loaded with healthy single ingredient foods that you can find in the outside aisles of your grocery store. These foods will eliminate your hunger, reset your taste buds, and significantly lower your desire for the processed foods that lead to weight gain. When your full you won’t want the junk food you were desperately craving when you were hungry and if you do want it you’ll want significantly less allowing you to manage calories without ever having to track them. This brings us to the second way to lose weight without a strict diet…sticking primarily to the most filling foods. The most filling foods are veggies, protein, fiber,

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  1. Sir, youre helping us a lot with your videos n humble thanks for that. Please make video on best of the best full body warm up that i can follow everyday. I recently had to stop home workout for more than a week due to very less knowledge on how to get all muscles warmed up before doing push ups, burpees or bodyweight squats etc n this caused me knee pain. Please include three muscles area in the video. Leg/knee muscles, chest muscles n shoulder muscles. This is where i or probably many get hurt sometimes while doing fat loss workout at home.

  2. I've been doing these very suggestions for five years. I still don't lose baby weight. Three to six pounds may drop off, but it yo-yos right back up. Seriously, I don't need 30 extra pounds; why does my body think I do?

  3. egg free? wtf?

  4. Love and Peace Toons

    Hey, I got 3 Simple steps to compliment this guide over on my channel.

  5. I always try to noorish my body.

  6. Trini Girl Natural

    Yaaay ice cream 🍦 lol

  7. I lost the best weight ever by getting a divorce that was 112lb straight out the front door… I’ve been carrying that weight way to long 👍🏻

  8. Fruit is junk food
    Fruit makes you fat

  9. Sammy Potatosalad

    Meal prep really helps me, especially keeping fresh fruits and veggies washed, sliced and ready to snack on!

  10. What-er

  11. Not restricting means that "all food is equaly healthy" or "any quantity is no problem", wich is false. So, restrictions are a MUST.

  12. Someone help me please i need to know if fruits are bad for cutting or not

  13. 200 hundres years ago there wasn't any junkfood or sweets – they taste good, but they are loaded with calories and some people just can't control themselves

  14. Sandro Diclemente

    Thing is people claim that their pop is zero calories (diet), so is it okay to drink it?

  15. You say water like chrisfix lol

  16. Confusing guy ..say one thing in one video and then change it up in the next

  17. Love your channel…very informative…but hate the gross pix through out.

  18. The Health Mentor

    I would say that the best way to lose weight without dieting, is to hang around people that are leaner than you and make you feel a bit embarrassed, all of the sudden you're going to see yourself doing the diet without even realizing it (no willpower), trust me it works.

  19. These past 5 years have been stressful for an old timer like me. Nutrition is do controversial and so is working out. Too much science is driving me nuts. Good video tho

  20. You look like sergio ramos…. 😂

  21. Thank you so much!!
    Enjoy all your videos. Always great info that really helps me stay on track.

  22. Please stop showing pictures of food in your videos if possible. It makes me feel hungry

  23. u can give thousands of theories or diet types but the only way to approach people's eating habits is psychologically and make them really understand that eating is not an emotional weapon or simply not eating most of man made food…. but not everybody is willing to……

  24. This title is clickbait…..Whenever you "suggest" how to eat your food that is a form of dieting. If this were truly 5 ways to lose weight without dieting then how to consume said foods should've never been mentioned other than for calories in versus calories out and even still that's cutting it close to "dieting" per say…IJS

  25. I miss burger…

  26. Im a skinny fat kind of guy, i weigh about 195-190, im 5"8, any advice on how i can lose body fat?

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    Mr Bean cracks me up…

  29. 1. Focus on nourishing: eliminate all restrictions and instead prioritize on single ingredient foods. Have treats only after healthy food.

    2. Stick to most filling foods. Veggies, protein, slow digesting carbs, fats. Eat those first then wait 15 mins.

    3. Reset hormones. Healthy foods and weight training.

    4. Meal frequency. One meal a day. Small frequent meals. Whatever works for you. Try OMAD!

    5. Only drink water. Doesn't necessairly mean you'll lose fat but you'll avoid sugary crap.

    6. Only leave healthy foods out.

    (Oops lost count)

  30. what do you mean for 'for me it simply works to have ONE meal a day'??!!?? :') ahahah in my dreams :')

  31. I have been intermittent fasting for just over a month, only coffee in the morning then water till lunch a light lunch then dinner but I have had ice cream almost every night lol I know I have a problem! However I have lost just over 20lbs. Only exercise is jogging several times a week and some push up/pull ups.

  32. Drinking more………..Warder!!! lol hahahaa

  33. hunger is like hornyness

  34. Just eat heathier you will lose weight

  35. 🤪🤪🤪🤪

  36. john babe jeszareth Capili

    i drink water, water lemon, calamansi water, and coconut water all from fresh…

  37. Павел Дзивульский


  38. Love the videos brother you be making a good point & its been helping me with my dieting.

  39. Russian Bot from Russia

    Fat people are fat

  40. The images are no good for fat people, don't watch it if you wanna lose weight. Specially at the end of work day.

  41. Shorter videos

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    The beginning killed me 😂😂

  43. shereen so fat she need chirurgie lol

  44. Great info. Thanks

  45. I've lost 10kg since start of summer just dieting and being active.

  46. Restriction is much more effective than prioritization.
    Keeping the carb level below 50 grams a day by cutting all Processed and Refined Carbs will put the body in a state of fast glycogen store consumption and following it the body starts using your lipid cells as a source of energy,day on day for several months you will notice huge amount of lipid/fat has been consumed for energy thus a slim silhouette.
    You have to remove Processed and Refined Carbs for weight loss,I do not recommend nut job diets that advise you to ditch fruits because fruits are nutrient powerhouses ,they are critical for all dieters to maintain a healthy nutritional balance.

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