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5 Smoothie Hacks To Eat More Veggies! | Quick, Easy, Healthy Breakfast + Snack Ideas

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  1. This is amazing. Thank you for these great ideas!

  2. I am binge watching your videos to get lots of yummy healthy recipes! I didn't know you could freeze uncooked zucchini and add to a smoothie. That is awesome!

  3. every morning 2c nut/rice milk bottom blender then 3c fresh spinach 1/2c oats cinnamon broccoli 1 slice ginger 1clove garlic and last 1 frozen banana 3c froven strawberries

  4. Such awesome hacks!!!

  5. I was wondering what is Megan up to…and there you are! YAY!!! 🙂 Happy day!

  6. more smoothie hacks, please!!!

  7. your voice sounds like Miranda sings..:)

  8. I save broccoli stems and juice them. Same with the bigger tougher kale stems.

  9. I loved this!!! Making sure I get my fair share of veggies each day is something that I STRUGGLE with.

  10. What liquid do you use?? Need help!

  11. Thank you for this video. I've used frozen zucchini in place of ice cubes with chocolate protein powder. The texture was nice and thick. I couldn't taste the zuke at all. I've done other leafy greens as well. As long as I keep it down to a cup, I don't notice the taste. I like using some unsweetened cranberry juice as the base (but not for chocolate, of course).

  12. Hi Megan! do believe in a well balanced plant based lifestyle? I want to go plant based but have been seeing so many thing high carb lowfat, high carb high fat, and balanced. meanwhile I like avocado, nuts, seeds, etc. I want to choose the right option.

  13. Genuinely appreciate your authenticity and videos. Thank you!!!

  14. I absolutely love love lovvveee your videos!! 💕 keep up the wonderful work inspiring us to good health. more power to you girl!! ✨💫


    Strawberry banana that is my Favorite smoothy as well as just for a pick me up

  16. thanks for those. I'm have to try.

  17. Putting avocado in smoothies can make them super creamy and more like milk shakes : )

  18. Hi ! I loved your video ! They're so healty ! I'm a french woman and I don't recognize the third ingredient. Please help me. What's is it ? xx

  19. I was waiting on a YouTube video on this lol 💕

  20. How much of the veggies do you put in your smoothies? I normally put about 2 cups of kale or spinach in my smoothies ( it makes two servings) and then a quarter of an avocado along with fruit he and almond milk.

  21. These are not hacks..you realize that right?

  22. thanks! great ideas!

  23. Love it. 💗💗Would never think zucchini adds a creamy texture! What are some of the things you like to add the veggie smoothies to help with the taste?

  24. Hello, Megan and thank you for this hacks!😉 I love veggie smoothies for breakfast😋 Spinach + banana + apple + water is my favorite now))
    Do you have your favorite veggie smoothie recipe?

  25. I would never think about adding couliflower to a smothie!! I will definitely try it next time😄
    My usual smoothie combo is: banana, spinach, chia seeds, almond milk and sometimes I add dates in case I want something sweeter.
    Thank you for the tips! 💕

  26. What are the best fruits to mask the greens? I've tried kale and spinach in my smoothies but I'm not sure how strong the broccoli would be and what ratios to do.

  27. I love freezing spinach and adding it to my smoothies. I have tried broccoli in smoothies but I also taste it more then anything else. Do you have a smoothie recipe that I can add broccoli to but you cant taste it? I love eating broccoli just about every way but not drinking it.

  28. Well, shoot – I thought the end would be recipes or a "now what" idea list.

  29. I've always been curious on what your stance is when it comes to juicing veggies vs just blending them?

  30. Awesome, I have a huge bag of kale that was given to me and I was wondering if I could freeze it. I love spinach and Swiss chard in my smoothies along with seasonal fruit

  31. I make spinach or cilantro ice cubes (spinach/cilantro blended with a little water) for my smoothies. I always seem to let the spinach and cilantro go bad. This gave me more ideas, thanks.

  32. Marga Von Rauenstein

    These are great hacks! Thanx, Megan. I would love some great ideas for smoothies with these specific veggies, please.

    I love a spinach, avo and mango combo.
    Carrots and pineapple, also a winner.
    And pear, almonds, yogurt (non-vegan) and vanilla paste delish!

  33. Loveeee this video!! great ideas for healthy eating <3

  34. Very nice ideas, whowever this was not 5 smoothie hacks, this was only 2 hacks: one being froze the vegetables (only with 4 different vegetables) and the other being the one with the lemon and cilantro 🙂 but still, nice ideas

  35. HealthyGroceryGirl

    Hi Friends! Thanks for watching!! What are your favorite smoothie ingredients?! xx

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