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5 Minute Butt and Thigh Workout for a Bigger Butt – Exercises to Lift and Tone Your Butt and Thighs

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  1. I legit had to stop every 5 seconds……. what even are legs

  2. I started this today and my legs are definetly a bit like noodels and my butt burns a bit.I'm keeping my comment updated. I have bad knees so we will see how this goes but I don't have to do the whole thing everytime though I got through it with only few 10second pauses. I'm also taking videos of my legs and booty so I can really see the visible results, not only stamina.

  3. Shawty Dangerous

    I like her honesty. Other people would pretend it's easy and not tiring at all.

  4. Today is my 3rd day & as crazy as it sounds im already seeing results 😳 im really skinny & have no booty. I’ll be doing this regularly…i’ll keep you guys updated.

  5. I m doing squats
    After two weeks i ve seen good results

  6. Hip kam k liye b plz

  7. Completed..my first day! Man this was hard😂😂😂

  8. My butt is heavy please help me

  9. I can't loss my wieght

  10. "I hope you liked it" I did… not… like… it….. falls to floor

  11. When will we see the results??please some1 tell me!!!

  12. Day 2 of this Workout.
    It does work (I do twice Day,Morning and night), Thank You.
    But I've been reading Comments, but is it normal for your top back Calves or something or something supposed to sore or somethin? My legs don't hurt cause I run alot and it's used to it.

  13. Alyssa Tomalewski

    I hate you my legs have been hurting so bad b cause I just started.

  14. Two of these each, im dead! I will do this daily!

  15. Cindrela Princes

    2018 ??

  16. Is it normal that only thing that burns are my legs not Butt

  17. Is this exercise for losing butt fat?? Plz tell me cz im little bit confuse

  18. I like this because there's no music, some exercise videos hurt my ears more than my muscles

  19. thankyou .💕

  20. This really does work I saw a change my butt did get big i recommend this work out I would do it everyday at night and on Sundays I would take breaks I stopped doing it because I got busy nd I was losing it but I started again I love this work out

  21. Love your videos

  22. Yes, definitely like that she isn’t faking the exercise and she not overly prepared for it. This motives me even as a male to see when trainers are as real as she is.

  23. I`ve noticed results after the first time. Not to much of a difference. But I also have a really perky body and a tiny booty so i would love for it to work.!!! i will keep update 🙂

  24. U a legend

  25. Ah is very tired but it does good and yes I can do that .Thank you !!!

  26. The butt and thigh pump machine indeed

  27. Brankica Lalić-Kovačević

    Thanks for exercises- I would recommend it for people with abdominal operations behind as I do. Thanks people.

  28. Sinthia Martinez

    I’m going to do this and I’m so excited and motivated. I’ll try to update as much as I can.

  29. Absolutely loved this workout. I'm gonna start doing it every day.

  30. T.sundaramoorthy & BruceleeSundar

    Superb!! not only workout

  31. watching the video: damn this 5 minute workout looks easy
    after workout: *lying on the floor, crying

  32. 40M views for a fitness video 😳.This is the max views I’ve seen for a fitness channel

  33. I will really give updates and send a pic to this young lady the before and after.

  34. Can you do this everyday?

  35. I’ve just finished doing another squat workout and now this one!! My legs feel like jello, but it will be definitely worth it!!

  36. Is this routine safe to do 6 months after a C Section?

  37. I will not give up! This is really quite hard, since I'm a newbie to fitness but dying to see results. Day 1 – burned, but I was surprised I could do it! Day 2 – actually fine, I couldn't hold the squat for the full 45 seconds though and I had to come up twice to shake it off. Day 3 – exactly the same as day 2. This is hard, but somehow manageable even though it burns and I'm out of breath. I hope it gets easier!

  38. nice 🙂

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