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  1. lol ominous silence

  2. Loved your video! <3

    Please check mine out and let me know what you think!

  3. Great video! Definitely going to try this on my channel!

  4. she was showing off her popcorn machine

  5. Norliza Mohamed Ali Mohamed Ali

    i am so sorry you not alisha sorry…

  6. Norliza Mohamed Ali Mohamed Ali

    yum yum yum loved it woww muahhh alisha muahhh…

  7. These look yum! We think you will like our channel 🙂

  8. Jeez guys. There supposed to be healthy alternatives to store bought peanut butter cups and potato chips and garbage

  9. Love the recipe. I just posted a DIY Funnel Cake recipe on my channel. Let me know what you think? 🙂

  10. the blender look so dirty.. ew

  11. I don't have sound on this video?

  12. Cecilie Benner Svendsen

    NOT healthy! And you are really messy?!

  13. Great video but how do you make the ice cream????!!!! Please answer

  14. Hey, Great Video!
    Definitely helps in my weight loss journey.  I have
    always been struggling with staying away from desserts. Ever since I came
    across this helpful article, about how to lose weight with desserts : http://losingweight.is-great.net/Desserts
    I have been losing pounds with some delicious desserts :), Hope it helps you too!

  15. did you freeze the bananas before makig them into the ice cream? I was just asking because i thought you were supposed too.

  16. I like this channel😊 but I do not think that, that whas banana ice cream. It whas just banana. You could just eat it instead of smashing it unless you add something to it.

  17. Why don't you ever talk

  18. Ewwwww your so messy

  19. "quick" "put the bananas in the freezer for 10 hours"

  20. The yolk in eggs is the part that contains basically all the nutrients. Great ideas though, enjoyed watching

  21. wtf thats not healthy (most of them)

  22. Doubt that this is healthy, especially the high fat content in peanut butter and high calories in chocolate. Maybe if you eat less than 30 grams of it at a time.

  23. plz tell me im not the only one who freaking hates peanut butter and banana its so gross plus im allergic to bananas so I will live

  24. They look so good! You have good taste. 🙂

  25. It is butter not butta

  26. Good video to watch desserts  here..  I like your hard work.. Actually I takes  awesome ideas  just from Enlarbo Delicious Desserts Wizard .. And anybody wants to make a Delicious desserts, Just google it by the name  Enlarbo Delicious Desserts Wizard .. And Enjoy.. :))

  27. Kitchen Time with Neha

    Delicious recipes!

  28. Feed Your Soul TV

    Great Video! Check out my videos for healthy cooking recipes if you get a minute! have a good day!

  29. i made the peanut butter cups, they were amazing, I Melted the peanut butter and it was so much easier to get into the paper case

  30. 😍
    those peanut butter cups look so delicious and so do those pancakes (:

  31. Keariann Crawford

    Try heating the peanut butter

  32. I just subscribed! Check out my dessert recipes video, if you want. Have a great day!

  33. I'm going to try this pancake recipe… thanks for the video!

  34. interesting points ,if anyone else needs to find out about how to make simple healthy desserts try Enlarbo Delicious Desserts Wizard (just google it ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my cousin got great results with it.

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