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5 Exercises to Get a Flat Belly in Just 4 Weeks

With these 5 simple exercises, you will get your dream belly in just 4 weeks without significant efforts and exhausting training. All you have to do is find only 5 minutes in your busy schedule.

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  1. 5:22 he said situps up three times but week two says 5?!?!

  2. Draptor LegacyGaming021

    Their video all most same workout


    Very heavy workout

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  5. First time watching: okay Imma try this! I'll let ya know the results everyone!

  6. sowmya nittala

    Side planks are really hard

  7. Im to lazy tk get out of my comfy chair

  8. Ima be doing this. I'll update you guys :3

  9. The World Of Kyra

    I will do this and update every week

  10. I tried the 3rd one…that's a bit difficult

  11. 3 M.S.D.A Dance Academy


  12. ふmouvle

  13. Which exercise is best for exercise

  14. what if i did every day?

  15. Robert Lehnhardt

    I wouldn’t suggest doing sit ups. One of the leading spine doctors has said it’s too much strain on your back. But everything else looks good!

  16. how adorable and naive am i to think that this workout would be easy

  17. The side planks are a bit difficult…but the others are very simple. Will practice improve my ability to do the former?

  18. Does any one have advice on gaining weight but keeping a flat tummy ?🙏🏾

  19. I don't think this will work but, I'll still try it.

  20. I saw no results 😔😭😭

  21. Thank u bright side it works really

  22. Thank you for uploading. Am having the night drink and doing the exercises. This stuff works with determination. I have stopped driving everywhere. My children can't believe it. I can now wear my suits without anything sticking out.

  23. I did it

  24. hit a like if u only see but never try….

  25. it's really hard to do left and right side planks for me….plz help….cuz I really wanna get a flat tummy

  26. Rachelle Estrella

    ginawa ko po siya effective po talaga kaya lang lalo akong lumiit.

  27. Yes it realy work i have tried it

  28. 3rd exercise. So change your hands midway?

  29. so it was to hard for me to do the backwards push up do to a curve in my back what can I do instead to help me.

  30. Vanessa Shellen

    only 1 set a day?

  31. does it create any kind of pain in the back??

  32. Watching it in 2018! Stumbled over this video after watching makeup art videos xD but comes in handy..over the past months i struggled with some health/mental issues and gaind som weight which isnt that bad i used to be skinny but..my lowerbelly got bumby so im gonna do this! Beside all thos diets n healthy mealths since im not into tea ill just drink 2 cups of lemon water daily and doing thos exercises !
    Im artist so ill keep up with that ! Need to get in shape to help getting into better healthcondition

  33. Carrie Berthelette

    This is sh*t! Can't you do something easy next time I mean come on I can't even do a set up can you guys do something easier

  34. -Christina Bellaxoxo-

    I'll update soon

  35. Ru-Yao Van der Ploeg

    does this actually work?

  36. eridanna garmashova

    Honestly did this work for anybody

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