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5 Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas in Under 5 Minutes

All of these healthy breakfast ideas are FAST, delicious, easy, and super nutritious! Breakfast Berry Bowl, Sprouted Toast with Nut Butter, Avocado, Cantaloupe Protein Bowl and Rice Thins with Cream Cheese and seasonal toppings. All great for busy weekdays.

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  1. Seriously no you do not have to do that to an avocado. The easiest way is to feel it. An avocado that’s ready to eat will be slightly soft but not mushy. It might take one or two for practice but no opening of avocados from any point required.

  2. Hard boil eggs!

  3. 👍👌

  4. berry bowl

  5. A lot of good options here, i wish you stated more protein options though

  6. If I have to eat this everyday, I rather be fat

  7. They should give you a tv show! Much more informed and interesting than any of the others. You may already have one??? I apologize if you do, I'm just now finding your channel.

  8. I see Avocado, next, Cantaloupe ….

  9. I just found out I'm pregnant and have been loving your channel as I've looked for healthy meal ideas, thanks!

  10. Gracias a Dios la encontre a usted ! yay ! Alelluyah !!

  11. I always find it easier to make a healthy breakfast. I struggle more with lunch cause it takes more time (if I have to season something or get something out the freezer) by the time I'm hungry for lunchtime I'll just make pasta and pesto while I know there are tones of diffrent heathly thing I could cook….

  12. I usually whip up a smoothie if I have the ingredients on hand. If not I just eat oatmeal, oats are a staple in my pantry lol

  13. You tube instead if you tune, just typing mistake

  14. Great idea which I first know, I don't use facebook, they won't show this out like you tune

  15. She sprinkles the cocoa nips and am like, i love HER

  16. smoothies with maca powder and Chia seeds

  17. the melon and cottage cheese! !! gonna def try that one..and then all the other ones lol ❤

  18. The lightbulb went off on the friut bowl!!!!!

  19. I will try all these out. I also love mixing bananas, peanut butter, and Maple Syrup together and eat out of a jar. if I'm running late to work. it's not a large portion, but it definitely fills you up.

  20. Finally a video with actual easy cheap and fast n healthy breakfast ideas! Good job! Usually a bowl of cereal, nurti grain bar or a yogurt cup works for me but I love smashed avocado on toast too! And I love all these ideas. I want to try to nut butter on toast with the banana or strawberry topping.

  21. Can you do a healthy bar taste test?

  22. Great video!!!! Way to go, Dani! 👌🏻

  23. I'll try Avocado of course….

  24. Healthy Taste Of Life

    Great ideas! but is better to eat that cantaloupe by itself, combining with dairy can cause serious indigestion.

  25. Sprouted bread almond butter and raw honey

  26. Swedish breakfasts are usually open-faced sandwiches and tea– very healthy and filling! I love berries and usually have those as a snack.

  27. Where can you find the Ezequiel bread!

  28. Youre the only lady that holds my attention. My Healthy Recipe Guide🙌

  29. I love the melon one. never thought of eating 1/2 melon for breakfast!

  30. Stephanie Simpson

    I love all the ideas but the cantaloupe is my favorite!!!

  31. I am sooo allergic to avocados…..

  32. avocados toast

  33. Great ideas! I think my kids would enjoy these too! Thanks!!!

  34. Carma-Lu Thompson

    I love your ideas. I have so far losr 45lbs incorporating your ideas into my life. Your toast with the nut butter used an ingredient I am not familiar with. Is it a spice? And how do you spell it?Thanks for all of the great information.

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