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5 CORE EXERCISES FOR THE OBESE – Weight Loss Journey Day 410

NEXT Video in the Series – 5 “LEG” Exercises the OBESE https://youtu.be/e8-KLRqc_rc
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Check out these 5 Core exercises that even the obese or beginner can do. If you liked this video, watch the next one in the series. Leg Workouts for the obese. https://youtu.be/e8-KLRqc_rc

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  1. SEE THE SECOND PART HERE – https://youtu.be/e8-KLRqc_rc – 5 LEG EXERCISES FOR THE OBESE

  2. Finally a real workout video with someone trying to lose weight. I just became a subscriber 👍

  3. Resoect brother. I m 112kgs now. Started my workout 2 days back and i blacked out. Today i did for 1 hour with lower intensity like this. Good stuff.
    Lets lose together! 👍👍

  4. Sagan The Khajiit

    Just a quick question, if anyone are reading this: how do I get rid of the shame? I mean, I should be proud of myself for finally committing to lose weight. Why am I so embarrassed by it?

  5. I hit the tread mill everyday for 2hrs 😤

  6. "Everyone can do situps"
    obese people can't lmfao.

  7. Владимир Путин

    I am sure you can still buy handbook all info you need on Unflexal . Just google this workouts.

  8. Hey man nice video! I'm so happy I came across this as I find that so many videos are done by fitness instructors or people who are already in decent shape. It's nice to see someone similar to myself who is doing it for real. I'll definitely be using these exercises myself. Best of luck with your weight loss journey.

  9. Love this guy, compassionate and understanding with no judgement, this is what every large person looks for when wanting to know how to loose weight effectively. 

    Nothing worse being a large woman trying exercise and everything is moving around like and asteroid lost in space knocked off its axis lol.

  10. Confederate States of America

    I'm trying to lose weight to join the military

  11. Tomasz you need to think about doing some of these exercises- you ugly fat duck 😂😁😅😁😝😃😀👍

  12. Can someone tell me if they followed this through and if it works for people with obesity? I wanna strip fat not just 'lose weight'

  13. In all honesty I love this video_ your consistency is amazing, the exercise is simple and effective and in a way you've given me hope and courage to keep fighting off my weight issues…thank you so much😊

    Hope everyone here achieves their goals- cheers!

  14. is it okay to do abs workout even tho I have belly fat , Some say you'll get an ugly figure if you do abs workouts when you haven't lose weight yet. I'm lost 😂 lol. I'd say I'm not fat, I just gained weight and I want my ild body back. help me lol

  15. I love this video since it is easy to follow. I'm fed up of watching slim guys exercise they find it easy because they are not fat.

  16. thank you! it's so hard to find exercise videos made specifically for obese people!

  17. Can obesity lose weight. Yes or No

  18. Christopher Secena

    YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Thanks good sir for contribution in the obese community to better health one rep at a time.

  19. I got a workout just watching you workout

  20. Angela McPherson

    Don't know if you still monitor this video, but I was wondering if any of these exercise could incorporate resistant bands to help complete them and still be able to get the maximum benefits from the exercise? I have a lot of upper weight and am top heavy and find it difficult to do a sit up, so was curious if it would still help me work on my core if I used resistant bands to pull myself into a sit up.

  21. man…finally something new i saw…and thank you for this video i will do all these from today

  22. U rock ✔

  23. I respect your viewpoint and thank you for it, but I would also like to share mine.
    Okay, I just gotta say, there is only ONE of these exercises I could do 'comfortably'. And that would be number 3. (I am currently 250, but couldn't do this at a lower weight, either).It doesn't seem like coaches understand how much weight the breasts put on a person as they lie on their back. Or how much the belly gets in the way when trying to raise your legs up, and how unsafe that feels to the lower back. It's very hard to breathe well, with this weight pressing down on you. You feel like you're suffocating. Also, planks are very hard on the floor. Floor exercises are NOT good ideas, in my opinion. It's hard to get DOWN, it's hard to do them, and it's hard to get back up. Very discouraging and impractical, and makes me dread the idea.
    I have found, however, chair exercises like Coach Nicole Nichols from sparkpeople.com have worked EXCEEDINGLY well for me. She has cardio, arm and shoulder, leg, and abs workouts and they are just 8-15 minutes long. Very doable. But very challenging.
    I would love it if you could research them and then design your own with these things in mind.
    (After doing these for about 2 1/2 weeks, I had gained energy (I'm a low energy gal due to sluggish thyroid), and gained self-confidence. I stuck to it because they were short enough to not 'do me in'. I came back again and again. I began to lose inches. and gain strength.)
    I am currently just returning to exercise after healing from surgery and was browsing for new ideas.
    With respect, 🙂

  24. Sunny Valentine

    turned my cousin on to planks he found this page makes him feel better that other obese can do something to get in shape I really think he’d feel like a million bucks if he sheds the pounds and gets strong

  25. Thank you for the tip best of luck

  26. lucian bobocea

    My friend , how is possible to lose weight when you do crunches??? i recommend to do burpee, jumping jacks, plank, full plank, squats etc… ALL the best!!!

  27. thanks bro , I need this because I've got a big stomach I'm trying to loose

  28. I love this, I'll definitely use those moves! Thanks ☺️

  29. Awsome vid! 😀

  30. Eu horanllisnsn

    Very helpful thanks u , I'm a new trainer and this video help understand obese clients

  31. Assassinboy 808

    This is what I want to see. An actual big person who shows people to lose weight and lose weight themselves in the process. Not someone who's already skinny and muscular and overall fit.

  32. ok, so i do this for a weak or something ?
    my schedule says 30min on treadmill 20min on strider aaand then 10mins of "core workouts"

  33. `Good video. Now, Youtube, get rid of the Oreo commercials?

  34. Carolyn Talley

    Thanks for the easy exercises

  35. Appreciate the effort man
    But you need to work on the formalities especially on planks(I'm fat myself)

  36. guardiangarasu

    Nice video. Over the last year, I've dropped over 400 lbs and now I've started exercising. Mostly resistance training with bands. But I needed some good core exercises. At 320, it's still very hard to do some body weight exercises, but these helped a lot. I just couldn't do the plank for longer than 30 seconds. lol

  37. Ívan Er Sá Skelfilegasti

    I'm not even obese even but I can respect anyone who's obese doing something about it.

  38. Kathleen Padilla

    I took the advice of a colleague and looked up “sowo hope site” on Google. It has given excellent results to people and worked incredibly well for me. I have personally already droped 13 lbs in less than the first week.

  39. I love it!!! finally a core workout video i like to do!!!! i followed through your video, but fell short on the planking.

  40. Shouldn't put your hand behind your head with sit ups/ crunches. You pull your head forwards. Have your hands beside your head or just not touch your head and let your core do the work, not your arms.

  41. I love this and you! Great workout.

  42. ….Thanx for being honest man, peace and good luck on your journey……..#thebestthingyoucandoforapersonisbehonest….

  43. Leales a la Pistola

    1:50 Good fucking exercise

  44. Great stuff man!

  45. ClashWith Fang

    thing is, i can relate so much to this. thanks for the workout ideas!!

  46. Thanks, I've been looking for exercises for my weight. I've had back troubles for 10yrs plus. thanks again.

  47. Love it! Thank you!

  48. I actually enjoyed seeing an overweight person doing a work out. Has a great motivational vibe. Didn't like use of word Obese, seems negative.

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