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5 Cardio Mistakes – MAKING YOU FATTER!!!

These are the 5 worst Cardio Mistakes making you lose muscle and making you fatter. If you’re wondering: does cardio kill muscle gains or does it really help with getting ripped? Well if your goal is to lose weight & burn belly fat with cardio this video will help answer these questions. Learn if it is necessary for fat loss or weight loss and whether weight training is better for muscle growth and a better body composition. Avoid these common gym workout mistakes. You’ll be glad you did.
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Mistake #1 – Thinking More Cardio Means More Fat Loss: 0:54
Mistake #2 – Thinking Cardio Is The Best Way to Burn Fat: 4:02
Mistake #3 – Doing Cardio With No Strength Training: 4:59
MIstake #4 – Not Switching Up Your Cardio Workout: 6:09
Mistake #5 – Aiming For Your Target Heart Rate Zone: 7:17
5 Ways To Ensure You’re Doing Cardio Correctly: 9:04

If you’ve been doing a ton of cardio but you’re not losing any weight or if your planning to start incorporating a lot more cardio to lose some extra body fat you’re definitely going to want to first watch this video. Because even though cardio can be very beneficial if done correctly most of the people that you see at the gym spending countless hours on the treadmill, eliptical, and stairclimber are doing it completely wrong. And many of them look the same week after week and month after month because without even knowing it they’re setting themselves back further rather than making progress with their weight and especially their body composition. So today I want to go over the biggest cardio mistakes that cause you to waste your time and can even make you fatter rather than leaner. After I go over the 5 mistakes I’ll give you the 5 best ways to actually incorporate cardio into your routine the right way so stick with me through his video. Let’s start with by far the biggest cardio mistake…believing that more cardio equals more fat loss. I know it might sound unbelievable that too much cardio can hurt your weight loss efforts more than it can help you, but I assure you this is true. So how does too much cardio lead to less and less fat loss. Well first of all due to the low intensity high volume nature of steady state cardio our bodies will perceive long duration steady state cardio as a prolonged stressor. If you do too much cardio it causes your body to release hormones that are bad for fat loss like cortisol which can make your body store more fat instead of burning it. As you increase the time you spend doing cardio per week closer and closer to that of an endurance athlete studies show that cortisol levels rise significantly. Now people that are big supporters of prolonged cardio sessions counter this by saying that overtraining with any kind of exercise can lead to higher levels of cortisol. And this is true, but we see these elevated levels in endurance athletes much more than in strength athletes. When cortisol is elevated your cells become resistant to insulin, you experience more inflammation throughout your body, and you’ll also feel hungrier because of the effect that cortisol has on your hunger regulating hormones ghrelin and leptin. A change in your appetite will likely negatively affect your body fat percentage much more than your cardio sessions will positively effect it. By doing too much cardio you will find yourself hungrier not only directly after your cardio sessions but also long after you’re done. And unfortunately unlike weight training cardio does not continue burning calories hours after you’re done. If you over do it and that causes you to become really hungry not only can you eat so much that you negate the calories burnt from your workout, but you can even eat more calories than you ever lost from your workout to begin with causing you to store body fat. Another hormone that could become an issue for people that run really long distances is testosterone. Extreme endurance workouts over a long period of time have been shown to lower the production of testosterone. Another thing to consider is that as you do more and more cardio your body will adapt more and more. Your muscles, lungs, and heart will all become more efficient at handling the cardio workout and you’ll burn less and less calories from the same workout. As you do more cardio, your cardio workouts start to obide by the law of diminishing returns. This is one of the reasons why people usually overestimate the amount of calories they burn from their cardio workouts.


Elevated Coritsol In Endurance Athletes

Decreased Testosterone in Extreme Endurance Athletes

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  1. Gravity Transformation - Fat Loss Experts

    Many of the comments are coming from people that read the title and see the thumbnail but dont watch the video. In the beginning i say that "some of these mistakes may even make you fatter."

    The most obvious one that can make you gain body fat is mistake number 3. If you think your cardio sessions will make up for a bad diet you do in fact run the risk of gaining body fat. Everyones heard the term "you cant outrun a bad diet." I dont think that mistake is up for debate.

    Another mistake I mention is related to general adaption syndrome. You can be overestimating the amount of calories you burn because over time your body adapts and will burn less calories. This happens because your body becomes more efficient at that cardio workout. This is why you should change it up. Overestimating the amount of calories you burn daily is a big problem for people that are trying to burn fat or lose weight. Any busy personal trainer out there can give you story after story of women he or she knows that spent everyday doing long cardio sessions but plateaued and just couldnt lose a single pound even though they were on the eliptical everyday. This is due to general adaption syndrome in combination with adaptive thermogenesis. So it is a big mistake to not at the very least switch up your workouts. 

    Next is the issue of muscle mass. If youre trying to bulk up and gain muscle too much cardio will make the process much much harder for you. If you do way too much cardio it will be impossible for you to gain muscle mass especially after you've already experienced the intial nuebie gains. Too much cardio without supplementing with a strength training program will likely lead to muscle loss. This will slow your metabilism making you burn less calories at rest. If one day you happen to want to stop running miles upon miles, a slower metabolism can lead to gaining fat.

    Lastly too much long duration cardio too often is likely to cause injuries to your joints. The same can be said for overdoing any activity but if you're strength training you can split up your body parts and allow all your joints adequate rest. On then other hand if you're running 5 days a week you're slamming your knee hip and ankle joints into the ground over and over again all week long. If you do get an injury and you have to take weeks off to heal busted up knees from running it wont be helping your body composition. 

    One last thing i should mention is my personal experience. I used to run 7 miles straight 3 times a week. This would take me 1hr to 1hr 10 minutes to complete. I was doing slow long duration steady state running. Although I did not get "fatter" per say after doing this for months my body fat didnt change much but my body composition did suffer. My levels of lean muscle mass were significantly lower than if I were to just focus on strength training and diet like i normally do before a modeling shoot. During this time I was also only eating one meal a day. So i wasnt making mistake number 3 of thinking that my cardio sessions would make up for a bad diet. If I was making that mistake I couldve very easily gained body fat. I also was still weight training the other days of the week so I wasnt making that mistake either. This helped me maintain muslce mass, but once agian the results from training this way couldnt compare to my results from just focusing on strength training, diet, and one or two hiit sessions a week. After spending a couple months running like this I also sustained a knee injury and a hip injury that still bothers me now months later. Maybe if I ran on grass instead of pavement or used an eliptical i could have avoided those injuries. I still run long distances but only once a week or every two weeks max. My other cardio sessions consist of hiit and boxing.

    Cardio is great, but just like weight lifting it can be done wrong if your goal is to produce an aesthetic body. Lots of angry cardio queens out there are missing the point entirely. For those of you that actually watched the video with an open mind, I really hope it has helped. If you watch the video you'll see my goal isnt to prevent you from doing cardio its simply to prevent you from doing it wrong. Doing it correctly can definitely help you burn body fat, and it can improve your health as well as your cardiovascular function

  2. Jimothy Curlbietz

    I have a fast metabolism with strong immunes system naturally born like that it runs in my family for centuries I can eat as many unhealthy foods without getting fat and even cancer.

    My family genetics bloodline we're physically fitness and energized for athletic abilities to manual labor also our hearts crave desires to fight life's challenges without complaining struggles through love and pain serious people stop being pathetic or getting yourselves fat.

  3. Thanks bro, definitely learned a lot from these tips

  4. Love your videos man, your a smart dude!!

  5. Sine I started Jogging about 30mins for 3 days a week I looking my best ever

  6. Weare strongtogether

    I eat fruits after sprinting 1 mile every week.

  7. Did watch the video to see your point, you picked and choose the date then manipulated it to confirm your view. To keep this simple, this video trains people to be unhealthy
    I would recommend you study and review current information. I look forward seeing a correction video from you.

  8. Go and FUCK YOURSELF IDIOT!!!!!!!!

  9. Alizza Lovely Samonte

    Anything start with c is bad- coke, carbs, cake.

  10. I stretch for 15 minutes,walk for 5 minutes and then jog for 10 minutes,is this ok

  11. Makes total sense 👌🏻

  12. what the freak! this guy beats around the bush a lot! cut to the chase hammer-shaped guy!

  13. Whats actually a good thing to combine these, you'd be surprised but something even like tag with a couple of friends? Get a really intense game of tag going and it'll be a great work out.

  14. God these videos are bollocks.

  15. What is cardio

  16. I am extremely interested in the formal qualifications of this gentleman. Assuming a Ph.D from an IVY League

  17. Mistake number 1… doing cardio.

  18. Alvin the Chipmunk

    I go jogging/sprinting and do some crossfit. Obviously too much of anything is bad, be it jogging or lifting weights.

  19. I found your video right on.. haters just don't have enough brains to get it.

  20. soccer players do a shit ton of endurance training and are cut as fuck, also don't fall for the testosterone meme, meatheads don't know shit about running

  21. Super Asian;Sayian

    This is very misleading bro. We all know tons of people who eat really healthy but have never lost weight! I’m unsubscribing.. bye 👋

  22. Super Asian;Sayian

    You can be anyone and give any advice and sound extremely professional on YouTube. It’s basically Facebook 2.0

  23. Damn it.

    I've been doing it all wrong.

    Thanks for the tips and tricks!!

  24. This is an AMAZING video. The scientific explanations are on point. I find that I gain a small amount of weight training for my half marathons than when I am just working out with strength training with minimal cardio.

  25. I run 2/3 miles in 30 /40 mins once a week or maybe two depending if I’m mad or sad

  26. My body is strange. Cardio makes me loose hunger and generally strength workouts make me really hungry. My body must be crazy.

  27. All this dam talking…… I just lost 5 lbs. Listening to this bullshit

  28. 7:40 he's talking about ORANGE THEORY. Hahahhahahaha. And they're expensive as hell!

  29. I didn’t have to watch this video for me to say that this is the dumbest shit i have ever heard and seen. Not sure where these guys are coming from making videos telling you your doing exercises wrong.

  30. i used to be 141 kgs and now 72 with cardio and good healthy food and active lifestyle 🙂

  31. Also I do like 6 hours of cardio like 6 times a week, I am in good shape, I'm like 140 and I eat whatever I want whenever I want, i even eat shit like pasta and mashed potatoes loaded with butter and cheese, (I have been doing this for going on like 5 years now) you just need to know what's good for you

  32. Just pointing out one thing, testosterone is a known carcinogen

  33. The best way to train to lose weight is the one you enjoy the most. If you fucking hate going to the gym, lifting isn't going to be the best way to lose weight if you're skipping sessions for lack of motivation. Also, overtraining is a buzzword thrown about a lot. As a medical condition it is very very rare for people to actually overtrain.

    You are right about the body adapting to become more and more efficient in the things it trains in. This is why you absolutely should be incorporating cardio in with strength workouts as it applies to strength training too and HIIT too.

    Most people don't want to look like a body builder. They want to look and feel fit, which is a very different thing to looking and feeling like a body builder.

  34. Believe me…your T-shirt looks more cool than your channel profile pic. Please change it.

  35. This puttz might want to put a disclaimer in his video that states the following…… i am not a physical trainer that is specifically training those who watch these videos nor am i a physical therapist nor am i a doctor nor am i person of great intellect. I know what works for me and not you. Please don't have a heart attack and sue me because i am an idiot.

    Or something like that……. nah mean?

  36. Weight loss boils down to one thing and that is a caloric deficit. So if you burn 1000 calories on a run and you eat 1500 calories that day the average male (2000 cal) will be at a 1500 deficit. Consume less than you burn. That simple.

  37. Is I this for men only … not clear on that

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