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40 Min Cardio HIIT Workout + Butt, Thighs, Abs: Ultimate Workout for Belly Fat Loss, No Equipment

Warm up cardio + brutal bodyweight HIIT + cardio burnout + abs & obliques + stretch. Info for this routine @ http://bit.ly/1q9Ng7q
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  1. hi do we need to do extra cardio or running apart from this workout or this is enough?
    I m trying hard to lose but I m unable to lose a pound inspite of following a diet

  2. Done! This boosted my confidence so much. I never thought I’d be able to do it

  3. Shantaya Radiant Soul Band

    She is super cool! Love this workout, just what I dislike is the up and down…. 🙁 but oh well…it can't be always perfect 😉

  4. Workout Complete✔️💪😎💃

  5. Did the whole thing! Thanks I love Fitness Blender

  6. Day 1 complete. Been trying to exercise for over 2 years now with no plan. No, 3 years. Nothing worked besides running. With this, I feel defeated and my heart felt it also. Thank you FB. I have another 2 months to go with you, but I can’t wait to see what’s at the end for me!

  7. richelle anne aromin

    7:11 i quit! i’ll stick with emi wong! ciao 😓

  8. Catarina Ferreira Nilesen

    KILLER workout, so proud after finishing it.

  9. Ive been using these videos in between weight lifting days to diversify my workouts and I really like it.

  10. It is Sun. 18 Nov 2018. It is a little bit cold but i managed to do it.It's been 6 months and a half of workouts.I'm proud of myself 😃😭💪💪❤❤

  11. The first week I done this I noticed a big difference in my belly ! And my legs were sore I lost four pounds and I only did it three times that week. I’m on my second week now

  12. always come back to this one <3

  13. Does someone know what are the 2 different numbers of calories for?

  14. Hi,does this video include cardio +strength training +high intensity training? Am still learning. By watching some of ur videos

  15. day 1 / complete

  16. I can't believe I did the whole thing.

    Without pausing.


    I am lazy ass potato.

    No joke.



  17. why the repeating of the exercises in the burnout round? boring .

  18. woohoo! killed the abs 😀

  19. Njan veenu chavum ith cheytha…uluki kidakum..

  20. Like this if you actually made it to child's pose at the end!

  21. I don’t know why, but this workout didn’t make me that much to sweat like the other shorter HIIT workout with 25 min. I hope I burn my unnecessary fat.. 😃

  22. Lonely Potato Sack

    Burn 1 Day 24 complete! I always find myself losing interest in the workout while doing it and discouraged because of the way it is constructed but of course that didn’t stop me from doing it. Proud of myself even tho I didn’t give it my 100%. #workoutcomplete 17.10.18

  23. I just slightly died… I'm only 4 minutes in…The intro should also include "TO COMPLETE WORKOUT YOU MUST GET STRONG HAIR TIES…PLURAL" … Okay back to this workout inferno.

  24. дмитрий миноцкий

    just perfect, exactly what I am need after day in the office

  25. im 18 years old , i got a mini fanny pack, im sweating, im dying, im TRYING.

  26. Chrysanthemum Munatsi

    does anyone else read the comments for inspiration before starting the workout?

  27. whose here in 2018???????????

  28. This is SO brutal. Burpees are the spawn of the devil and I am feeling so badass after finishing this workout. Thank you for this killer workout guys!

  29. this is literally hell of workout =O

  30. What a great workout Kelli, thanks, you are so lovely.

  31. 280918

  32. Lucrezia Spagnoli

    25/09/2018 h.19:32 workout complete!

  33. Who are doing this in 2018?

  34. Can boys do dis?

  35. Corrina Delongchamp

    Holy cats, Kelli! It's like I took a shower…but it's all sweat! This was such a great workout :).

  36. I've started doing these work-outs for P.E. credit in my off time (need 4 1/2 hours weekly), but even thought my muscles are shivering and my feet forgot how to work, I'll most likely continue doing this to build more muscle and stay healthy!

  37. Workout complete 11.09.2018 – 6.36 AM #FBFit

  38. It felt never ending, Idk how I pulled thru 😂

  39. alright you guys 10 more intervals is what it feels like but its finally over 🙂

  40. Your legs are so long! <3

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