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Eating healthy is EXTREMELY important to me. I try my best to make healthy choices every single day. So I hope to inspire you to do the same as well. I know this can be hard sometimes, but remember…it’s about making small changes and making progress every day. Whether it’s drinking one extra glass of water or switching white bread for whole wheat…it’s all PROGRESS! So don’t give up, and keep making healthy choices 🙂

So with that being said, a few months back I started falling into this routine of eating the same boring breakfast every day! Since I was so tired of it, I decided it was time to start experimenting and trying different things. So today, I decided to share some of the breakfasts I’ve really been enjoying lately! I like to alternate and combine these ideas with other things as well. I hope these ideas inspire and motivate you to eat healthier breakfasts!

Share your favorite healthy breakfasts in the comment section!

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    Finally someone who's not shirtless.

  6. Sabha's vlog On YouTube

    Thank you for simple and healthy breakfast ideas I love it already subscribed

  7. Yummy. Thanks!

  8. She used 1 cup of almond milk not 1/2 of a cup

  9. Awesome video

  10. U maybe on to something with the last 2

  11. My name is Vanessa

  12. I loved this video!! Please make more like this one

  13. Lol I skip lunch only but not breackfest eder dinner

  14. All these recipes look great!! Can't wait to try the quinoa cereal!

  15. this is awsome thx so much for your help i lost20 pounds!!!!

  16. Chocolate bunnies On toast

    100th comment

  17. I used to skip breakfast and sometimes dinner just to loose weight and it used to cause me depression; my body felt weak and my face was always pale; so I really thank you for this video ? plus it's delicious!

  18. i literally love this video! this are really cool ideas ,thank you. new sub!! 🙂

  19. Breakfast Recipes


  20. hello, i am in Nepali thanks for ingredients ….

  21. do you not season anything?

  22. can i use refular milk and no chia seeds

  23. Vanessae please answer?! what app do you use to record?? nice video btw?????

  24. Hey is there any alternatives for chinoa and chia seeds or can i leave the chia seeds out?

  25. great video very helpful tip…I like that oat meal and almond milk and fruits for the next day.. thank you so much for sharing…

  26. Thanks for the ideas:) Def. gonna try the avocado egg toast and the smoothie! Gotta go grocery shopping later:)

  27. if u don't have berries can I just use the oatmeal and milk alone?

  28. can I use flaxseed

  29. I was doing some research for a client of mine while putting together her meal plan and came across your channel! Love your stuff. New subscriber 🙂 I actually just started vlogging on YouTube and would be amazing if you checked it out 🙂

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