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30 Mins Aerobic Dance Workout – Bipasha Basu Break free Full Routine – Full Body Workout

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Bipasha Basu herself performs a 30 mins hardcore dance aerobic workout and shows us her cool moves and a graceful way to lose weight. This 30-minute dance workout improves stamina, endurance and strengthens the abdominal muscles. A total body workout Break Free is a complete stress buster which allows you to have fun while you burn fat.

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  1. senam egois

  2. love u Bipasha…diii….plssss aise or v dance work out k videos banay…….i just did it….amezing feelings ….enjoyed lots……thnk u so much

  3. love the work out!

  4. When you plan on doing 10 minutes of this and end up doing the whole thing… 🙂 Success!!!
    And then your brother comes in and offers you chocolate…
    I took the chocolate.

  5. i am 18stones n i really really ejoyed the whole session i kept ob with it which is surprisin for me bipasha do u think as 18stones i did well

  6. เต้นอันนี้จาก 84 เหลือ 56 อ่ะ ดีจริง

  7. this was allright fun but not exceptional, felt like im filimg a bollywood movie lol

  8. Awesome work out

  9. Very good

  10. Sugarglider Stuff

    she is so beautiful and the hair effect looks cool, hahaha

  11. Love the workout you are so pretty love the music but not those lights good workout

  12. I love the dance I do it

  13. This is so fun.

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  15. Kailey Rosas (2024)


  16. the person who loves this video please like and comment

  17. I completed and now I am feeling awesomeeeee. Thanks Bipasha Mam

  18. Glistening Sky Fitness

    New dance fitness workout! https://youtu.be/QO5bZhqeP9Y

  19. The ads half way through your intense workout are the most annoying thing ever. This is clearly the type of video that should NOT have intermittent ads #justsaying

  20. i just complete this in one week 😂 i think IT IS NOT GOOD 😂

  21. I'm sorry but this is so cringe

  22. I lost 13 kgs…with the help of balanced diet, another cardio of 20 mins after this and then the cool down part… Thank you for the video, bipasha! 😍❤

  23. Swagata Chakrabarti

    Hi Bipasha, I love u…… good workout

  24. Amazing bipasha love ur vdo

  25. Wow what an aps

  26. awsome bipasha nice

  27. These exercises are too difficult and not easy for everyone to practice. Make it easier to teach easy-to-do exercises.

  28. I want to do aerobics to increase my lung capacity. Is this a good video for that?

  29. It's a good workout but those lights blind you guys out half the time. Plus, some more instruction would be nice for those of us who are non-dancers. Definitely got in a sweat!

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  31. This is great, thank you

  32. i look like a freaking seal tryna dance

  33. This was the best workout I’ve ever completed, please post more like this🙏

  34. Housesmith Handyman

    Bipasha, thank you for your great dance work out. It gave me great inspiration every morning before going to work I am actually doing the work and am more energized,clear thinking,ready for work with better attitudes. Lost 12 lbs since last August of 2017. YAY. WOWS.

  35. Thank you for this workout, this is a LOT of fun! This is impossible to keep up with if you're a beginner, but I've been doing aerobics for 3 years, so it was a nice challenge. The moves aren't difficult, but it's really fast! Also, the Bollywood touch was great.

  36. Soooo good I fell so good
    Thanks for this video……….

  37. how i exercise: watching people exercise

  38. 24601 Melo Rosegarden

    She does the routine so flawlessly and then there is me trying to dance sexy and totally failing at it 😂

  39. After the water break I was able to hear the water jiggle in my stomach… 🙌

  40. M going to start this routine.. I m 60 kg right now.. I'll update after 15 or 30 days..

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