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Today I’m showing you 3 EASY & HEALTHY BREAKFAST IDEAS! These are some of my current favorite recipes and they’re so fast to make and also healthy! GIVE THIS VIDEO A THUMBS UP IF YOU LIKE IT!

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Today I showed you guys 3 healthy breakfast ideas! Making healthy meals can be easy and fun! I love making healthy lunches or healthy dinners because they make me feel good about what I’m eating. Do you ever wonder what I eat in a day? Now you can get a sneak peek into what I eat in a day or things to eat, meal ideas, healthy tips, and recipes that are healthy and easy for the family.

I love food, and I love cooking, so healthy meals are so fun to make for Dan and me! If you’re vegan or vegetarian, you can modify the recipes to fit your preferences! I like to vary these recipes for whatever fresh produce I have on hand, so if I don’t have an heirloom tomato, I’ll swap it out for something different like a red tomato. Healthy breakfasts are the #1 way to start your day right, and to help boost your metabolism and lose weight if that’s something you’re trying to do.

I am so happy that you guys are loving my healthy recipes and meal prep videos. I love healthy cooking so if you have any recipe requests or future easy dinner ideas or healthy lunch ideas or snack ideas, let me know and I will make them! I love making fast dinner recipes and healthy dinner meals so this video I hope you will enjoy! 🙂

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