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20 Minute Full Body Toning Home Dumbbell Workout

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Todays video : Join me today guys for this 20 Minute Full Body Toning Home Dumbbell Workout.

Nearly everybody has a light set of old or unused dumbbells lying about the house. Well its time to whip them out and put them to use as light dumbbells is all you will need of this.

The perfect Dumbbell workout at home

The aim of the game here is slow and controlled reps and higher volume with the lighter weight to really get a good burn and maximise the use of the weight

The dumbbells will help shape and tone your full body

In this workout we will be hitting 6 exercises in total for 3 sets with the workout getting harder as it progresses. How? As we will be upping the amount of reps per set

Set 1 – 10 reps
Set 2 – 15 reps
Set 3 – 20 reps

Trust me even with a light weight you will feel a serious burn by the ned of this one and burn some calories and fat doing so

So grab a drink , grab your dumbbells and let’s smash it.


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  1. Been doing this for about 3 weeks now! Great burn, great workout! Lost weight and put on muscle, awesome. Next I'm going to do the 15 min fat burn (no equipment). Hopefully this will help with small tire around my waist. 😉

  2. I love the way he says EIGHT 😂

  3. Me at the start….haha this is easy, me at the end….omg ffs slow down!!

  4. Jeroen Katgert

    You don't need a heavy weight…
    So.. How much are you talking about? 5kg? 10kg? less than 5?
    I don't know what you consider to be not heavy.

  5. jaymart bernardo

    many thanks zeus..

  6. The Raw Earth Under My Bare Feet

    Stepping up from this?! More reps or more weight?

  7. Amazing workout. Leroy Colbert would be proud.

  8. How many calories does it burn?

  9. Grate video just started weight lifting today I'm 17 giving myself 10 years to build my muscles up. Shirt of next time 😉

  10. Island life Mauritius

    Hello there.
    Amazing work out, really enjoy it..
    PLEASE tell after how long should i change this work out?
    I mean increasing my dumbbell weight, reps and All…?

  11. Trueston Bennett

    How many days could you do this without having to change up the workout ?

  12. Just started

  13. I did this when I was feeling frustrated I feel a little bit better now.

  14. I never realized a pair of dumbbells would make me want to throw up. This workout burnssss 🔥🔥🔥 i love it!

  15. Also is this workout effective to get a flat stomach?

  16. Hi I have a question. Is it ok if I do a 20 minute treadmill before this workout?

  17. Stumbled across this video on Wednesday, 5kg dumbells arrived last night, and I just did the full routine along with the video.

    Great pace. Great burn! Looking forward to sticking at it!!!!

  18. Elida Gonnella

    Great workout! I love it! Thank you for sharing ❤💚

  19. Great workout man. Thanks.

  20. My fav workout ever

  21. Everything San Diego

    Thank you, for some reason I kept pushing with you

  22. can i do it everyday? or should i do alternate day to give one day for recover?

  23. footballmanager

    Will this help with fat loss

  24. Can I ask what stomach exercise I do with this?

  25. I'm literally shaking while typing this… but I made it! 😀

  26. Muhaimin Zulkarnain

    I'm on a deload month right now, trying to relax my body, so I was looking for some "easy" workout to do at home. And I never thought that a pair of dumbbells would kick my ass. This workout is a killer. And I will lower the weight and stick with it for the rest of the month.

  27. These 12.5 lb weights got mighty heavy at the end!!!!

  28. only using 7kg dumbbells and this was already painful in 2nd set

  29. Gabriel Torres

    Thanks for this awesome workout kicks my ass every time I do it! Haha You're really hot too btw! 🔥

  30. you just kicked my ass….

  31. Will be doing this for my early Sunday morning workout today, thank you…

  32. حليب المراعي

    Do I have to do consecutive rounds?

    please answer me.

  33. Been doing this workout for a little over 3 weeks, 3 times a week and absolutely love it!

  34. Are you BasedZeus

  35. Just done this for the first time. Great workout!! Had to skip the last set of lunges, as my hams were failing. Shows how far behind they are. Killer session. Thanks so much.

  36. Alamin Hossain Imran

    I am very happy to see your type of exercise.. 👌👌

  37. Is this only good for toning?

  38. Markus Benjamin

    I've been doing ppl with 1 day off with no much results after 6 months. Would you recommend this full body say every other day as a better routine ?

  39. ur workout are real

  40. what weight of dumbbells are you using?

  41. Hello! Beginner here, is this good for building mass too? Thanks!

  42. I have been doing this workout for about 2 weeks. I was having knee pain so had to make some adjustments to the workout. instead of front lunges l'm doing back lunges. for goblet squats instead of holding the dumbell close to my chest I hold it far from my chest almost with my arms extended in front of me. for every exersice always try to keep my back as straight as possible or else I wake up with sore back. Will keep this routine for a couple of months and see what results I get.

  43. Great workout. I did 30 minutes of cardio and then finished up with this. Started with 20lb dumbbells on the first set and had to switch to 10lb for the last 2 sets. I'm dripping in sweat right now. Great workout.

  44. Literally the first time I've tried anything like this. Couldn't manage the 15 rep (I know..) yet but feel the burn. Aiming to nail all 3 cycles in 2 or 3 weeks. But this is the best one I've seen. Shows you clearly how to do each one.

  45. My 10 year old son just gave this a go, he loved it! He's tiny for his age, but strong and fast and plays rugby. He wants to become a bit bigger to make it harder for other players to tackle him, and when I found him this workout he was really pleased 😁

  46. Maddux Hemrich

    Age 13, Height 5'9", weight 193, is it recommended I do this with a 20lb?

  47. Health & Fitness

    Great workout

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