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  1. I’ve been doing this workout for the pass 4 or 3 days I noticed changes in my waist and stomach

  2. Woohoo day 1 done!!! Ugh love how much I'm sweating 😍😍❤hope it works.

  3. Sorry I’ll be going to the gym on the treadmill I can’t lol

  4. Currently dying 😭 I only did 13 mins and I’m dripping sweat. Definitely going to keep doing these until i can last a full 15 mins.

  5. Love this workout 😍😍 new subscriber right here 🙋‍♀️

  6. I do this like literally every week, and every week…I DIE😂thank you for this (I guess😂). Please make more HITT VIDEOOOOSSS!!!

  7. If I get an ass like hers I'm determined to do this workout! I lost my bum after having my baby and losing a stone but now I just feel all flabby, this looks worth the work.

  8. nivia Maeva Trindade

    What a body!!!!!! Wow….

  9. It's Ya Girl YT

    I know I’m late haha but, I’ve been looking for fat burning at home full body workout and found nothing that suits me and keeps me motivated. After finding your video I saw a difference and loved the attitude and how you did it with us💗 THANK YOU for saving me😂

  10. I always love this!!

  11. Lonna Winchester

    Love you Sezzy! It totally kicked my butt! You rock!

  12. I’m dyingggg sweating so hard I can’t see ……….I’m also about to take a shower lol 😓

  13. Gabriela Adarve

    I thought I as in shape… I was wrong

    How do you do that cross-legged backwards burpee? I can't get up with my legs like that!

  14. If anyone wants to seriously work their butt.. this is it! Love this!! I am sore today, but in all the areas I wanted to work on (butt, thighs, arms, abs)!

  15. Wow!! I just came across your video!!! Awesomeness!! This was perfect for my after worok workout. Do you have more like these!?

  16. I died in the first 30 seconds😩 I really do need to get fit

  17. Jake Robertson

    Nearly killed myself doing this😂😂

  18. this was so intense for my junk food eating self, new chapter haha

  19. Oh. My. Gosh. After the first circuit I thought circuit two wouldn’t be as bad. So not true. I died. Especially the last movement!

  20. Chantelle Street

    Please do more of these!

  21. Tanja .Klobučarić

    I did it!!! 😍👏🏻👏🏻 great workout! Love circuits

  22. Erika Stellmaker

    This is death but a good kind

  23. Rockwhatyougot


  24. i couldnt finish due to the fact i felt like i was gonna puke but tomorrow i plan on finishing ‼️‼️

  25. OMG. I was trying to follow her but i wasn't as fast as she was. I wanna do that exercise every day because I am going to mongolia to visit my family. I don't want to be fat and chubby because my cousines are very activ. I weight 69.2 kg so I hope I can arrive my goal.

  26. Now dying in a puddle of sweat on the floor😂

  27. This workout is intense! I love you! You realize how much of a better shape than you could be in!!

  28. This. Is. Hard. 😅 I've done P90X with my dad before, and this is right up there with it honestly. BUT I've seen results with doing it only a few times so I'm excited! 💕

  29. Whoooah! First time doing this. I workout, still a stone overweight but this sequence is great. I found circuit 2 easier to do. I did it all but missing the odd rep here and there because of the burn but…I know it will get easier in time. I’m going to do this 4times a week and see if that stone shifts. Thank you Sarah ❤️

  30. Chantelle Street

    Amazing workout thank you

  31. Maritza Rivera

    Just did this workout…. I’m still breathing hard::::thanks

  32. Ariel Rael Animation

    Damn girl you kicked my ass. 10/10 workout thank you so much for posting this ❤️

  33. Omg you are an animal! Hahaha I am so excited to try this today!! Watching you is so motivating! You are so energizing! 💛 I would love to work out with you! 🤘🏼

  34. I love love love this HITT Sesh

  35. Holy cow. This killed me. Lol I’m drenched in sweat. Better workout than I get at the gym for an hour!

  36. I like this workout, but I canNOT do reverse burpees, so I just did sit ups. And the pike push up is super hard for me, but I know that I will get stronger over time. Thanks for sharing this. I love your bubbly personality!

  37. I did it! Woooo! Love this at home workout! Thanks sez! Love ya

  38. OMG this is a killer workout! Although I made some movements to be less extensive, girl, you just made me sweat like a pig.

  39. I freaking LOVE the music in this video!!

  40. When you're dead after 60 seconds… okay.

  41. you are honestly my holy grail. one workout and i'm feeling great, i haven't done one of your workouts in ages, and your the best in the business xx aaaahhh i'm so dead now

  42. Payton Hasleiet

    Holy crap!!!! I used to be a cross country and track runner and i couldn’t even finish the last circuit 😭 going to complete this everyday until i can!! Amazing workout

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