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10 Min Beginner Tabata Workout for Moms: Moms into Fitness- Lindsay Brin

10 Min Beginner Tabata Workout for Moms: Moms into Fitness with Lindsay Brin is a supercharged Tabata training workout that blends intense bursts of cardio exercise with explosive plyometric movement to boost the metabolism, incinerate calories, build strength, increase endurance for a total body tone-up from head to toe. Ignite your weight loss potential as you burn fat with 20 moves, cycling through 20 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest in this relentless aerobic routine.
Turn up the intensity and activate the core with Creator of Moms Into Fitness DVDsDownloads, Pre/Postnatal Fitness Research Expert and Mother of 3, Lindsay Brin as she coaches you step-by-step through these result driven exercises will have you on the road to a lean and defined post-baby body fast! Learn how to tailor this routine to either 10 or 20 minutes to fit your busy schedule and maximize results as you tone the arms, legs, glutes, abs, back, chest, shoulders, thighs and hamstrings real results in a hurry. Take this routine with you anywhere as you will need only a towel and a bottle of water to complete this workout that features calorie-scorching moves like punches, high knees, cross jabs, lateral hops, hopping cross blocks, chasse’s, high knee squat touches, swimmer jumps, wide high knees, twisting knee cross hops, high knee jabs, windmills, jump roping, 1 min recovery, jackknives, high knee runners, skiers, skiing knee raises, switch kicks, jumping jack high knees, squat kicks, high knee to butt kickers, tuck jump jacks and more to leave you looking and feeling your best. Click here for more pre and post natal workouts: http://bit.ly/17OPjsM

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  1. Loved it, although not sure about it being for beginners 😉

  2. I started doing this work out in April , right after having my fifth child, and I have lost 22 pounds 😉❤️

  3. I really enjoyed this quick workout. It's perfect for me, since I'm a busy Mom of two. 🙂

  4. how to calculate or know how many calories will i burn if i finished this workout? thanks!

  5. This was a great workout.. 💖😀

  6. I am a mom of 1 yr old. I haveny done any kind of exercise post delivery till now. Is it ok if i start to perform these exercises?

  7. Cardio done. Not afraid the rain. Go go go let nothing stop you. Gd day to all.

  8. About how many calories would this burn for a mum who's 5'1" an 190lbs?

  9. Ayeshajamil Qureshi

    Can I do it .I had hysterectomy 4 months b4

  10. the super -shooppy show 6 simons

    I love the workout!!!

  11. WOW it’s amazing exercises

  12. for a mo trying to loose belly fat is it recommended to do this same routine twice or once is good enough?

  13. hahah i love it

  14. Love this workout! Very effective

  15. Can't breathe lol be doing this every day, my 2 year old even joined in 😂

  16. Oh dear Lord. I cant breathe 😂 And I dont have a sporsts bra, my boobs were all over the place 😂😂😂😂

  17. Hi Linsay, can you put up the clock timer. Cos sometimes you are still doing the demo and we can't tell when the clock starts. Sometimes my clock is not synced to yours. Thanks !

  18. BC I have cokghkvikigkvkovkivkvivkvkvvki

  19. Smashing workout! I am a beginner in all sense and a mom and I am able to keep up! Feeling motivated!

  20. Just 13 minutes video, but can let you sweat.

  21. alejandro martinez

    I found an app to perform HIIT exercises, including TABATA which is great. You can see a list of exercises, adjust all the intervals as best suits you and listen to the music you choose at the same time that you do the exercise. You can download it here:


  22. whewwe that was a great workout thank u!!!

  23. Kathy can this butter curl 4c/4b hair? King

    am not a mom but am so doing thia,these works out are super great.

  24. Thank you so much for this workout routine, great way to get back on track to being healthy again ..

  25. Amazing workout love this. I'm a mum of 4 and my body was sleeping/very unfit this workout really woke it up. I can already feel my invisible abs working. One of the best work outs iv seen

  26. you together with your videos for a year with the help of the diet, I lost thirty pounds and still benefit from your videos. Thank you so much you are making videos that we can do at home.From Turkey with love.

  27. farashazlina yunus

    great home workout! yeah!!

  28. im a mom and this is good, quick work out then back to be a mom

  29. TheJileyProduction

    This is brutal and I love it!

  30. this is not a postpartum workout

  31. I absolutely loved this, perfect to get me started back with my work out… I am sweating

  32. Love a quick workout, nice clear filming. As a Physio nice to see a good warm up too. Good clear explanations. 💪

  33. Does it work for boys?

  34. Omg, I just found this video! It's exactly what I need to get me back in shape! Oh goodness, I'm so out of breath! Thank you!

  35. Love it!!!

  36. This (https://plus.google.com/113613303702907835518/posts/e2nG3YriGRA )book isn't just a “diet” book, full of low fat, low calorie or low carb recipes but a more holistic book, taking the approach that we need to look at our bodies, how they work, how we gain or lose weight and how we can best influence that. I found it very interesting because it mirrors much of what I’ve long believed, and seeing it in print validates some of my theories.

  37. I just did this work out today, and I sweat a lot even after work out, Im still sweating. I will do this everyday.

  38. Iam not a mom but I loved this. I used 3 pound weights as well with the workout, off to do yoga now.

  39. This is a great exercise! I did enjoy it! But, this is not Tabata. Tabata was developed by Dr. Tabata. It's supposed to mimick our primordial in danger mode. It should only last a total of 4 min. 20sec. on 10sec. off. No warm up. It's designed to raise heart rate Fast and exhaust you in 4 min. Your metabolism stays high all day because of it, which burns fat. It's popular because the studies show these facts better than any workout that is longer than 4 min. You're misleading the public by slapping Tabata on your workout name so you'll get more views, which 'all in all' is lying. Lol. Just change the name to "Awesome workout, I'm going to bust your ass!"
    Heres Links for the study~


  40. Perfect! Thanks

  41. i love that!!, keep it!!!

  42. >Good info – just ordered my membership i will let you know how i get on>>
    Here’s the link if you want the same deal> https://www.facebook.com/Fitness-917328135015065/

  43. nice work out there!

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