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  1. I love her and I've just subscribed! I've just started a weight loss journey. I want to drop 24 lbs. my breakfast has started on 45g of granola and it seems so little 😔I'm starving. I go gym daily running for 30minutes and do weights. It's just the small portions now I'm struggling with

  2. you look prinss

  3. She's so pretty….kinda jealous

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  6. You dont hit any plateu didnt you?

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  9. You're so beautiful, it's great to see someone so happy about how they've turned out and positive in their own body- YOU GO GIRL!

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  11. why some of yall being salty or calling her 'stuck up'. is it a crime to be confident and happy?

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  13. Congrats on your weight loss journey! #goals

  14. welldone ria xx

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  17. I just wanted to let everyone know and the person in this video who is struggling with losing weight and trying to eat healthy don't use your microwave for your food it kills the nutritions in it

  18. What a way to keep healthy, we love it!!!
    A healthy lifestyle never gets easier.
    Maybe try on of our workout routines!!!

  19. Hey, i don't know whether she are speaking german, but she had a lot of german things at her kitchen. It would be crazy, because i'm german too and i find her randomly cause i was search a healthy morning routine 😀 sorry about my bad english 🙂

  20. are you from Germany?

  21. wow amazing transformation, you look great and most importantly, happy 👍💙

  22. Is she trying to be like the youtubers that act like they have a perfect life

  23. Du bist soo ein vorbild für mich

  24. Are you from Germany 🤔🤔

  25. Great video! Keep up the great work! I found some awesome recipes, https://tinyurl.com/lywrznl

  26. ,I'm trying so hard to lose weight. The reason I gained it all is because I always turned to food in hard times. Like when my parents divorced over Christmas,or when my dad got depressed and when I moved away from all my friends or when I found out that my dad does drugs. I also am bisexual and my family frowns upon that and they all say that I'm gonna go to hell. When I go to school now people say "Hey look,it's the lesbian girl"And I've been in so many fights with those people and I'm sick of it,and my grandma died last week of Anthsia and she didn't even Remeber who I was. I try so so so much to lose weight and I've even attempted suicide because I hate my life, but some how I know it's gonna get better

  27. Are u german? Because all your products are german

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  29. is this patched

  30. you are German right?😊 me too

  31. aka Elijah is gone forever

    the intro made my jaw drop

  32. that fucken glo up tho😍

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  34. Why are people being all jealous of her, she's putting out some kindness of sharing how she lost all that weight in about a year. Then you all just go and say how full of herself she is and saying how she's a type of person who loves herself too much. Really people?

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  36. you're gorgeous but you should try to fill in your eyebrows bc you look like that queen from alice in wonderland

  37. Holy shit, you got a broom in your pants? Cause I'm gonna sweep you off your feet gurlllllll

  38. Weight loss (Idea)


  39. just an advice when u wait for the granola in the microwave, don't stand in front it's bad for ur eyes

  40. friendly reminder that she went anorexic shortly after 'being fit' with barely no food intake in order to stay 'fit'

  41. Are you german?

  42. Smashgame Athletics

    I knew there were other people out there who would know exactly what I am talking about! Your channel is dope!

  43. Kendini gösterme çabanı sikeyim

  44. Chocola Wolfstaler2002

    that is the first video I'm seeing on your channel and it's really good 🙂
    But why is it in german? 😀 (oil, honey, etc.)

  45. u can't dance u need to stop it u doing to much trying to show out🙄😈🙍

  46. the secon to last one is really good thx

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