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★Top 7★ TRX Exercises for Beginners & Weight Loss at Home Workout for Men & Women abs, chest, legs

These are the best top Trx exercises for beginners and weight loss

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ADVANCED TRX EXERCISE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZaLFZZNyCs&t=325s

1. Trx Squats
2. Trx Knee Tucks
3. Trx Chest Presses
4. Trx Rows
5. Trx Planks
6. Trx I,Y, T’s
7. Trx Multiplanar curls

Hey guys what’s going on in today’s video I’m going to be going over the top 7 exercises that you could perform on a Trx if your a beginner. I’ve already made an advanced version in which there are 10 exercises and the reason why the beginner version only has 7 is because I really want you guys to focus on mastering the key movements on the Trx. These basic movements are pretty much where all the other exercises stem from. As a beginner something that you should know is that in any exercise on the TRX we want to make sure that we keep our core really tight. Not only will this ensure that we get a good ab workout but it’ll also prevent a lower back injury. This workout will help you learn the basic TRX movements and it’ll help increase your core strength your stability and your balance. So let’s get right into this with the first exercise the TRX squat

For the Trx squats you want to start with your hands on the straps and you want to walk your feet in 2 about a 60 degree angle. If you walk your feet in too far then you won’t be able to squat low enough and if you don’t walk them in far enough then you’re these are going to be going over your toes. Once you find the right position you want to squat down as low as you can and stand back up. This is a great exercise to work the glutes quads and hamstrings.

Alright moving on we have TRX knee tucks which is the regression for trx pikes. In this one we’re going to put our feet inside the straps of the Trx. And then we’re going to walk our hands forward until we’re in a push-up position. Make sure that you stay in a straight line and don’t let your hips sink. Tuck your knees to your chest and keep your core tight for the whole exercise. This is a great exercise for your core and your ab muscles.

Up next we got a Trx chest press grab the straps and walk your feet back until you’re in more of a leaning push-up position. The further you walk back the harder the exercise gets. Come down until your hands or even with your chest and then extend back out to complete the movement. This is a great exercise for the chest shoulders and triceps. Be sure to keep your core tight and your fuels butt and the back of your head should be in a straight line. A big mistake that I see is that people will drop their upper body and bend at the waist to make this exercise easier. If you find yourself doing this just walk your feet forward.

Now for this next one we’re going to hit the antagonist muscles with a TRX row. Here the further that we walk her feet in the harder the exercise gets. Again you’re going to grab the straps walk your feet in and you could do this exercise on your heels or with your foot flat on the ground it’s really a matter of preference. Then you’re going to pull with your elbows not your hands and really squeeze your back on every rep. This is a great exercise for your upper and middle back and for your biceps. Again you want to stay in a straight line while doing this.

Next we have a TRX plank. This exercise will help you develop the stability that’s necessary for a lot of advanced TRX core and upper-body exercises. Put your feet inside the straps and hold yourself up in a push-up position on your hands. If you can’t hold yourself up on your hands and then hold yourself up on your elbows exercise will help you develop the stability that’s necessary for a lot of advanced to your core and upper body exercises. Put your feet inside the straps and hold yourself up on your elbows. You want to do your best to keep your hips from sinking down. try to keep your tailbone your heels and your head in a straight line.

Now we have the TRX Iyt’s here you’re going to stand in front of the Trx and grab the straps. Walk your feet in not too far but far enough for the exercise to be challenging. Start with the eye by raising your hands directly over your head while keeping your body in a straight line. Then 4 the Y you’re going to open up the angle between your arms a little more to resemble a y and then finally for the T you’re going to bring your arms straight out to your sides with your elbows slightly bent. The great exercise for the top and the back of the shoulder.

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  1. My gym has TRX and I wanna try it out. Good exercises. I definitely like that IYT.

  2. Thank you – very helpful!!!!

  3. Mate your amazon link doesn't work

  4. Awesome video….great communication & to the point (excellent format & presentation style…..its seriously the best I've seen….it really pulled me in and kept me interested from start to finish).

    I have a question – do you think I could do this very workout everyday (or like 5 or so days a week)?

    I know conventional wisdom says to take more rest days….but for what ever reason I have a tendency not to stick with stuff unless I make it a daily thing.

    Any opinions or suggestions on how I could make increasing the frequency of this specific routine work best for me would be highly helpful & appreciated!


  5. Great vid the beat tho


  7. Great info in short amount of time. I subscribed. Also for people who want to save even more money, you can make your own TRX with PVC pipe and tow straps.

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    Dude, chill down and put your shirt on, will you? Geeeezzzz…

  9. Fkn hand talking is annoying af

  10. Hi. I'm going tongo ahead and try these exercises. How often should I do them and for how many days. Thanks

  11. Thank You your a great teacher very descriptive of what you should due with each exercise
    abs tight protect back etc I love the plan and the why!!

  12. Thanks Max/GTZ!  Definitely gonna do I-T-Y's & the bicep movements. Great content as always. Much appreciated!

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